Living Piemonte: VOS come modello di living lab nella rete europea ENoLL

Il modello di intervento per il superamento dell’hard digital divide sperimentato nelle Valli Orco e Soana è il cuore della strategia del Living Lab piemontese denominato “Living Piemonte”.

La candidatura piemontese per entrare nella rete ENoLL- European Network of Living Labs (http://www.openlivinglabs.eu/)– è stata ufficialmente accettata il 25 novembre 2008 a Lione.
La scheda di presentazione di Living Piemonte cita il modello VOS come riferimento regionale per gli interventi atti a superare il digital divide nelle aree marginali.

“Regione Piemonte has been carrying out interventions aimed at overcoming digital divide for many years. Within the Wi-PIE initiative (www.wi-pie.org,- a multi-year programme aimed at equipping the region with a widespread broadband connection system and innovative services), in 2005 an important pilot project has been launched, aiming at transforming isolated mountainous areas into “digital territories”, promoting sustainability and digital convergence and identifying a model to overcome hard digital divide. The project has been carried out as a Living Lab: it launched an open-air lab to test a complete digitalization process in Orco and Soana Valleys (VOS), a trial area carefully selected in order to maximize the model’s transferability into other similar regional areas.”

La scheda completa è scaricabile da: http://www.openlivinglabs.eu/livinglab/living-piemonte

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